The writer in me!


I have long been thinking of compiling my thoughts and stuff I need. And it was only these past few days when I had the opportunity and momentum to finally make this one.

I am aware that opening yourself up or even just your ideas to the public will make you a target for criticism and to an extent probably safety issues. That is why I did not really push it thru before. On the brighter side, it could also lead to more opportunities to be unlocked. I actually have started to receive perks just last week by getting freebies for reviewing purposes. With that said, my diary will most likely be open to public. I have also decided that my open diary’s content will be about my notes, likes, interests, passion, values, experiments, and loves. It could vary from cooking, baking, sampler reviews, parenting tips, personal ideologies, music favorites, faith journey, personal lifestyle, recycling crafts, marriage experiences, and endless more!

So if those things interests you, we have something in common. Accompany me on life discoveries by following this blog and my instagram account @aimeeh_diary!


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