Patiently painting


I am so happy that Ashley embraced and enjoyed painting already! I have long been wanting to unleash the creativity in her thru painting. She kept on rejecting it after several trials, because she does not want to get dirty or even get a spot of paint on her hand. She definitely hated finger painting and also the use of paintbrush since you can’t help it but touch the paint accidentally. I would show her that she can easily wash the paint and that it is okay to have a few paint on her hands. But she just can’t take a speck of dirt on her skin which is also really funny!

Today, May 18, was a different story! Maybe she just grew out of it. Without any exaggerated prompting, she agreed on painting with me. We first used the Crayola magic water paint since it obtains less mess and has a paintbrush. After finishing a couple of pictures from the kit, I then initiated doing the Crayola finger painting which is also a set with smooth papers and three colors of easy washable paints. She followed my lead and finally did not cry over the paint on her finger. I dab a small paint first on her fingers until we transitioned on making a hand print! She liked the activity to the point that she did not want to pack away anymore. As a result, I had to lure her with a different toy in order for her to move on and clean up.


After today, it was reaffirmed to me that a child will definitely learn something and sometimes just needs time to grow at one’s own pace. This will mostly help me as I am actually starting to potty train her. She is not yet so much into it, so I need to give her more time in being interested with the idea of using a potty!


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