Honey steelhead fish

Recipe here!

Heard of steelhead? I have! But I haven’t really seen one until we moved to US! I think I passively hear this fish on tv cooking shows. It is not really common in our home country Philippines, so I don’t know what it actually looks like.

I did get one anyway when we went to Costco to buy our stock of food for the week. I wanted to try new things, so I bought it even without knowing yet how to cook it. No wonder it looks like salmon, because they are of the same family! They are also cooked in the same way. When I tried to look for a recipe online, I saw that most of the recipe are identical on how salmon is served. But instead of choosing the common salt, pepper, and lemon seasoning, I tried to search for seasoning instructions which I haven’t tried yet.


This one stood out, because it used honey which is already available at our house and is something new to me too! Like salmon, it is quick to prepare. I didn’t have mesquite though, so I thought of something that could replace it. I actually don’t even know what is a mesquite, but base on the original recipe it looks like a green garnish. I put some onions as a substitute, and I am proud to say that it complimented the dish! It went well with the honey and steelhead. Initially, I only wanted to use onions, because we had a lot of it. Aside from that, I though that onions would help remove the fishy taste (or “malansa” in Filipino word). To my astonishment, this experiment turned great!


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