Puzzled expectation

Although I am goal-oriented, I don’t account all things that we do. So when I just sit back once in a while and allow my daughter to explore things at her own terms, I am amazed with what she can achieve. I am glad that she is also up for things which challenge her.

Someone gave her three sets of 24-piece puzzles, and I kept two sets of it to avoid losing the pieces. Usually I would complete the puzzle for her when she wants to play with it. I would also allow her to try it by teaching her how to turn a piece and look for the ones that go together. I know that this particular puzzle set is not yet appropriate for her age, so I don’t really dwell on letting her solve the whole thing. But I was surprised to see the eagerness in her one time as she was trying to solve the puzzle and asking for help. I saw what she could do if I just let her be. Since then, not a day went by without her wanting to put the puzzles. Literally, she would destroy them for her to put it back again. Now I can atest that she can complete the three sets of 24-piece puzzles with only minimal prompting!


Same thing with her being able to draw a circle. I actually used to draw broken lines for her to trace. I thought that it might be too early for her, so I stopped it. She is less than two years old, but she again proved to me that she can do more than what I expected. Indeed, I am thankful to God for giving me a self-motivated and enthusiastic learner!

To see her video clip of putting the puzzle pieces, check out:



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