(Flour)less is more

Recipe here!

There’s actually nothing more to say other than this recipe makes a perfect cake! I will absolutely keep this not-so-secret recipe for the rest of my life. I have only tried it once but tada! It instantly became my favorite cake. It tastes full and yummy! It also reminded me of the dessert we chose for our wedding a few years back. The picture right below this was taken when my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the international culinary school where we got married. We actually tried to order the same dessert we had on our wedding day.


I just added few strawberry cuts, because I have a toddler whom I try to feed with less sugar. It’s funny since I can’t hide when I am eating desserts. I am not depriving her, and she still gets to taste everything I eat. But for everyone’s sake, I need to control her sugar intake like every other mom does. That is why I mostly add fruits to cakes I make, and she usually gets the fruit part when we share a cake. As a result, the strawberry was a nice addition to the chocolate cake too. It lessens the sweetness a little bit, and the sourness it brings eases the sweetness. I really enjoyed eating this flourless chocolate cake with strawberry cuts!


I’m sharing below several pictures as I followed the recipe that I linked here. For the cocoa, I used Hershey’s natural unsweetened cocoa. The semi-sweet morsels were from the stock of Nestle Toll House I have in our kitchen. I skipped the espresso from the ingredients. Good thing it was optional in the list, because I don’t have one here. I doubled the vanilla part though to make up for it. Hope you have fun making and eating this cake as much as I did!


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