Filipino mussels

If you buy in Costco like we do, you know that most, if not all things, come in bulk orders. You get to buy things cheaper in unit price, because you have to buy a big amount of something. So when we bought the mussels, it was actually 5 pounds. I had an idea of things we can cook with it, but I haven’t tried cooking before those which are in my mind. I used half of the mussels for pasta in olive oil with mushrooms, but I saved the other half for different dishes.

Mussel Spinach Ginger Soup- Recipe here!

Baked Mussels- Recipe here!

Both of these I used to eat in our home country. These are common styles of cooking mussels in a seafood restaurant. In remembrance of the Philippines’ independence day on June 12, it was a nice dish to remind us and look back to where we came from. I cooked the mussels in ginger soup and baked some with cheese that Sunday night for our dinner.



It was fun to do both, because the end result was satisfying. I felt eating a healthy meal with the presence of spinach in the soup. Not to mention that the weekend in our place had been a little bit cold with the rain, so it was quite a comfort food to have a hot soup. The other one, on the other hand, is a common appetizer. For some Filipinos, it actually is a “pulutan” or a snack which is paired with drinking alcohol. Baked mussels can be done with oven. But I know my sister did it before with only a microwave, so I looked up for a recipe that only uses microwave. Thank God I found an easy recipe, because it can be a little tiring also to prepare two different meals at a time!



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