Cookie delights

Cookies! Who doesn’t want one?! Before I learned how to bake, I often buy Chips Ahoy or Soft Batch cookies. They are my favorite! The first time I tried baking cookies, I realized what a big difference a freshly baked one is. The softness and taste of cookies fresh from the oven is heaven!

I eventually loved baking cookies, because it also takes the shortest time in the oven among all other sweets. It is quick to prepare and has less room for error especially for beginners in baking like me. So whenever I want something sweet impomptu, I can depend on cookie delights!

I saved these two cookie recipes which I have tried and which I will continue to use every now and then! The first is the classic chocolate chip cookie. It actually saved my day when I planned to bake cookies one time, but later I realized that I don’t have eggs in the fridge anymore. The recipe is eggless yet still make excellent cookies. The other one is good if you are craving for pure chocolate taste, because it is double chocolate!

Chocolate Chip Cookies- Recipe here!


Double-Chocolate Cookies- Recipe here!



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