Blueberry season

Berries! It’s the season of berries in our town! Berry picking is common in summer time for Vermonters. Farms usually have specific fruit ready to be picked in certain months. We had the opportunity to pick our own blueberries one weekend. The weather was sunny and hot, but the experience was worth trying!

It was good to take note that the best blueberries to get from the trees are those which are big. It will guide you to have the sweet ones. Likewise, those in clusters with a raw or different color berry are most likely sour.

There are many sweets to choose from when preparing deserts with blueberries or other berries. But I have chosen a common recipe which I think is more appealing to kids. Muffins are easier for toddlers to eat, and it can be a good snack too.

Blueberry Muffin- Recipe here!


This recipe I tried yields just the right amount of muffin since I only have one tray good for 12 pieces. It actually matters to me, because it can be confusing when computing measurements just to get the number of quantity you want. I used vegetable oil instead of putting paper cups. Moreover, I skipped the crumble topping too, so the muffins we had were not very sweet.

The other recipe is quite similar, but it is in the form of cake. Blueberry crumb cake is nice to prepare for gatherings, because it both looks and tastes good! It is also best to eat when fresh and still warm. In here, I used springform pan instead of the round baking pan. You would also need nutmeg, lemon zest, sour cream, and confectioner’s sugar based on the recipe. Unfortunately, I did not have them when I baked it. It was not that noticeable in the taste though and was still yummy for me. Yet for sure, those would add more flavor to the crumb cake!

Blueberry Crumb Cake- Recipe here!



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