Overflowing apples

After the berries come the apple season! It’s that time of the year when apple picking activity is popular. It is a common thing to do for families with kids. Children get to experience picking apples that they will actually eat and sometimes pack for school snacks!

In our household, we do not eat much apples. So what do I do with the apples we picked? Plan something special with them! The number one option like most homemaker is the apple pie! Of course, it is one of the most famous American pie. But making the dough may take time and skill, so I just buy a ready-made crust from the grocery. Then I make the easiest apple pie filling using the recipe below. Also, our family eat it with ice cream or gelato on top to make it even more special.

Apple Pie Filling- Recipe here!


After the pie, there really are still quite a number of apples left from the picking. To avoid getting tired of eating apple pie, I searched for other easy ways to make dessert out of apples. I found this interesting apple cinnamon muffin recipe, and I absolutely like it. This is another great snack that my family enjoyed!

Apple Cinnamon Muffin- Recipe here!



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