Procare Cool Mist Humidifier

To start of, I am glad that we have another humidifier from another brand so that I could compare my new ProCare Cool Mist Humidifier. To tell you the truth, there was a big difference. Here’s my honest review of Procare.


Before officially using the new humidifier, the manual says to bleach it. I was excited to use the Procare, but I had to actually wait until we were able to buy a bleach. My husband helped in setting it up like the usual putting of some water inside the humidifier. What was unique with it was the parts inside. It has a filter and mini fan which are very efficient in adding humidity. It is a little weird though that the wind from the fan blows sideways. On the other hand, my other humidifier has the warm mist system which is not as good as Procare. Since we are living in an upper state, we really experience winter snow and the dry air brought about by the weather. We use this new humidifier every night in our bedroom, but I feel that it can actually be used even in a bigger space. It works more effectively as a humidifier. I can clearly notice the difference in the air as compared to my existing one. Another good thing about it is that its easy maintenance feature. It is not prone to accumulate dirt, so it is not time-consuming to clean unlike other brands. Lastly, it is also more quiet and would not be a disturbance to sleep.

P.S. I received this product complementary in exchange for my non-bias opinion.



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